HNWexchange (HNWx) focuses exclusively on private sales of fine art in the secondary market, with an unwavering commitment to privacy, honesty, transparency and trust. We help fine art collectors, investors, advisors, curators, dealers, galleries and attorneys buy, sell and source off-market and fresh-to-market works from private collections OFFLINE with complete privacy and discretion. We also offer OPTIONAL services whereby certain requirements can be shared with our network for faster results. These optional services maintain complete privacy of the parties involved, as well as the artwork being offered for sale.

100% Direct

We only work with sources that are 100% direct to the buyer or seller.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We never ask sellers to reveal the identity of their artwork until we bring them a matching request from a buyer. This removes the risk of the work losing value through being shopped and burned.

Honest & Transparent

We are honest and transparent in every aspect of buying, selling and sourcing works for our clients.

No Nonsense

Our global network allows buyers to get 100% DIRECT to avoid frustrations from dealing with chains of people who claim to have access but cannot deliver the work.

No Obligation

Withdraw your offer or request at any time. If you find a buyer or seller through a more favorable channel, we encourage you to use it with no obligation to HNWx.

No Initial Costs

There are no membership fees or initial costs for using our services. HNWx gets paid by asking for a small portion of the commission.

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  • We take your privacy very seriously and will never sell or distribute your information to 3rd parties.